Baldwin's Auction 87 Лот №1582

Медаль 1912 года
Медаль 1912 года

Аукцион: Baldwin's Auction 87

Лот: 1582

Завершен: 07.05.2014

Стартовая цена: 47 945 RUB
800 GBP

EUROPEAN COINS, RUSSIA Nicholas II, Unveiling of the Monument to Alexander III in Moscow, Copper Medallic Commemorative Rouble, 1912, by A Griliches (Bit M333 (R1); Sev 4166 (RRR); Zander p.133; Diakov 1528.2). Numerous surface nicks and digs, scratches on the reverse, otherwise about extremely fine ansd very rare. The stately and monumental statue of Alexander III, the work of sculptor Alexander Opekushin, was dedicated near Moscow’s Cathedral of the Redeemer. It did not survive the Soviet era. The Commemorative Rouble for the occasion was the last work of the great Avraam Griliches. this lot is not from the Åke Lindén Collection £1000-1500.